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Virtual LaPAC is a permanent extension program of the Advanced Body Research Laboratory (LaPAC) based at the Dance School of the Federal University of Bahia in Salvador (Brazil).


Virtual LaPAC provides access to information and knowledge exchange in the area of ​​Digital Dance trough the dissemination of creative processes and artistic works, research, mini-courses, and online meetings in the form of seminars, round tables discusions, interviews, conferences and festivals. The Virtual LaPAC platform is open for students, specialists and researchers, from national as well as international institutions, artists, and the general public interested in the art of dance and its intersections with digital culture. 

Mostra - Extension Program Body Territory - Marta Bezerra e Aghata Oliveira - 15 od December, 18:30, at LaPAC youtube 


Mostra - End of Semester 2020 - Students from the discipline Artistic Pedagogic Laboratory (under-graduation) and students from the discipline Special Topics in Dance: Body and Historicities (PRODAN)  

16, 17 e 18 of December,  18:30, at LaPAC youtube.

Virtual LaPAC FESTIVAL February 2021 

(IN) Cômodos: Corpos distanciados dançam

     "(INSIDE) Rooms:  Distanced bodies dance"

In the midst of a singular period of serious health crisis due to the Corona Virus pandemic, we will announce the 1st LaPAC VideoDance Festival - (IN) Cômodos: Corpos distanciados dançam

open call: from the 4th of January 2021

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Coordinator: Mirella Misi

Vice-coordinator: Ludmila Pimentel

Director of the Dance School: 

Carmen Paternostro

The Advanced Body Research Laboratory (LaPAC) is an academic research center in the field of dance and it's interface with digital technologies. LaPAC's main function is to generate research developed by professors registered in one of the two graduate programs of the Dance School: the Graduate Program in Dance (PPGDAN) and the Professional Master Program (PRODAN). It also provides space to Scientific, Technological and Artistic Initiation research linked to the PIBITI, PIBIC, PIBIARTES programs. In addition, LaPAC hosts other activities, such as graduate and undergraduate classes of curriculum components related to digital dance and activities of this nature supervised by a professor.              (founded in 2001 by Dulce Aquino) 

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The research project “Body and Intermediality”, registered at National Research Consuil (CNPq ), and coordinated by Professors Ludmila Pimentel (PPGDAN-UFBA) and Mirella Misi (PRODAN-UFBA), involves several master, PhD and undergraduate students and researchers.

The Elétrico - Research Group on Cyberdance is the main resident research group of LaPAC. Elétrico produces  research of excellence, being recognized nationally and internationally in the research area related to body, interactivity, dance and digital technologies. It has an institutional partnership with Universidade Aberta de Lisboa and the Slash Art Tech Lab in Amsterdam.


Research group in Cyberdance is one of the activities developed by LAPAC of the Dance School of UFBA. This group's main objective of research is contemporary dance in interface with the language of new digital and interactive technologies.


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