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Leader: Prof. Dr. Ludmila Pimentel

Co leader: Prof. Dr. Mirella Misi

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Elétrico - Research Group in Cyberdance is a core activity developed by the Advanced Body Research Laboratory (LaPAC) of the Dance School of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). The group's main interest of research is to interface the language of contemporary dance  with digital and interactive technologies. 


Elétrico was founded by Ludmila Pimentel in 2002 to develop research within the graduate and undergraduate programs of the Dance School, and it aims to expand specific knowledge in the area of​​ dance and new technologies.


Elétrico focuses not only on academic investigation but also produces hybrid contemporary cyberdance artworks, inserting and contextualizing the Dance School in the technological and digital environment in which we live.

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Elétrico's academic and artistic works are related to Cyberculture, Cyberdance / Digital Dance, and choreographic productions in the form of video, installation, performance and other formats.

Members: Dra. Ludmila Pimentel (UFBA), Dra. Mirella Misi, Dra. Dorotea Bastos (UFRB), Dra. Betti Grebler (UFBA), Me. Amanda Rocha (Doutoranda PPGDAN -UFBA), Me. Jackson Espírito Santo (Doutorando PPGDAN-UFBA), Me. Ana Carolina Frinhani (UFS), Me. Caio Araújo (Doutorando PPGAV-UFBA), Me. Lucas Alves (PPGAV-UFBA), Me. Natália Ribeiro (Doutoranda PPGDAN-UFBA), Me. Andrea May (PPGAV-UFBA),Me. Chancko Karann (PPGAV-UFBA), bolsistas de IC, IT e Pibiartes: Marcos de Sá, Amanda Santana, e Diego Gonçalves.


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      Participation in Events:

Congresso UFBA 2020. 

IX International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts, Braga, Portugal 2019

#18 ART: Encontro Internacional de Arte e Tecnologia, Da Admirável Ordem das Coisas, Lisboa, 2019

Encontro Internacional de Cultura, Linguagens e Tecnologias do Recôncavo. Santo Amaro, Bahia.2019

ARTeFACTO: 1a Conferência Internacional sobre Estudos Interdisciplinares 

    entre Artes, Tecnologia e Sociedade, 2018, Lisboa.

#16 ART: International Meeting of Art and Technology, Porto, Portugal,2017

Festival Reconvexo Latino América, UFRB, 2017

ARTECH: Óbidos (Portugal), 2015 
Jornadas de Intercambio em Dança e Tecnologias, UNA, 2015
Mesa Redonda sobre Tecnologias Aplicadas a Dança, UNLP, 2015

Intermedialities, 1st Conference, Juiz de Fora, 2014

Somatic and technology Conference, Chichester University, 2014
ARTECH 2012, Faro (Portugal)

Somatic and technology Conference, Chichester University, 2012

Festival Internacional de videodanza de Buenos Aires (Argentina), novembro 2011
Jornadas Pensar y Hacer, Universidad de Buenos Aires, novembro 2011
Jornadas de Intercambio em Tecnologia aplicada a la Danza, IUNA, Buenos Aires, novembro 2011

Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica (FILE), julho 2011Tanzwerkstad 2011,

     Munique (Alemanha), julho 2011

International Symposium on Eletronic Arts (ISEA), Istambul (Turquia), setembro 2011Digital Futures in Dance, Bournemouth (Inglaterra), setembro 2011

Congreso Mujer, Arte y Tecnologia 2010, Valencia, Espanha, novembro 2010 ARTECH2010,

     Universidade do Minho, Portugal, abril 2010

ARTECH 2010, Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Residencia artística Interaktionslabor, Saarbrucken (Alemanha), agosto 2011 e julho de 2009

Research and Theses defended by Elétrico

( in portuguese )

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